Black Lives Matter

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

RICHMAN LAW & POLICY PRIDES ITSELF on combining law and policy work by contributing to social justice issues. RLP has partnered with numerous nonprofits to further the goal of Tikun Olam (repairing the world). RLP has also litigated many cases on behalf of consumer watchdog groups and has donated to charities such as Chilis on Wheels, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to fund an Earth Day activity in NYC. 

RICHMAN LAW & POLICY REMAINS DEDICATED TO THE FIGHT FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. This is why we will not stand idly or silently. We refuse to be compliant with systemic racism and white supremacy. To further the conversation and engage with the community, here are several steps we have taken:

  • PROTESTING. Several members of our firm have been on the front lines in NYC to support the Black and Brown Community. Those who can’t protest in person are protesting online and from their homes.

  • REPORTING. We will report instances of policy brutality and abuse to the NYC CCRB. You do not need to be the victim to submit a report.

  • DONATING. Members of the firm are also donating what they can to local bail funds and other organizations.

  • PARTICIPATING IN CIVIL RIGHTS WORKING GROUPS. We have banded together a group of lawyers to discuss what steps we can take legally to sustainably challenge racism embedded in this nation’s institutions.

  • OFFERING PRO-BONO SERVICES. We are committed to offering pro-bono services to protesters who have been arrested.

  • ENGAGING ONLINE. We are sharing “Know Your Rights” content and essential information to keep protestors safe.

Please join us in taking action to support the Black community and fight white supremacy.

WE FIGHT FOR CLIENTS WHOSE CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE BEEN DENIED within New York State and beyond. Such cases include false arrest, use of excessive force, and the right to due process. Our goal is to hold accountable those who have intentionally violated our client’s basic civil rights. We also advise clients on their rights and freedoms, as a tool of empowerment and education.

#BlackLivesMatter #2020

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