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Humane Washing

Animal Outlook v. Cooke Aquaculture, No. 2020 CA 002908 (D.C. Sup. Ct.)

  • Defendants filed a consumer protection suit against Cooke--one of the largest salmon producers in North America--alleging that Cooke misrepresented its salmon products.
  • Cooke claimed its salmon was “sustainably” farmed.
  • In truth, it was found that Cooke employs production practices that are unnatural, environmentally destructive, and inhumane.
​​ Read more on Animal Outlook's page here. Read the complaint here.

Gibson v. Bartlett Dairy, Inc., et al. 1:20-CV-02848-NGG-SJB

  • Andrew Gibson, on behalf of a class, filed suit against Bartlett Dairy, Inc. and Farmland Fresh Dairies, LLC alleging that Farmland misled consumers by labeling their dairy products with "no antibiotics."
  • The “No Antibiotics” claim is false, deceptive, and misleading. The Products are produced by cows who receive antibiotics. Some of these products still contained antibiotics and were sold to consumers.
You can read the complaint here.

Organic Consumers Association v. Handsome Brook Farm, LLC, et al.  No. 2016 CA 006223 B (D.C. Sup. Ct.)

  • The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a non-profit organization, filed suit against Handsome Brook Farm® alleging that Handsome Brook Farm’s eggs labeled as “Pasture Raised” were, in fact, from producers not engaged in pasture-raising hens, and that some farms within Handsome Brook’s own farm network did not live up to its internal standards for pasture raising.
  • The parties reached a resolution where Handsome Brook acknowledged shortcomings identified by OCA and implemented a new internal auditing program as well as third-party auditing, in coordination with OCA, for 18 months.
  • This oversight is being conducted on a quarterly basis by an independent auditor who reviews Handsome Brook’s purchase-and-sale records, as well as records from Handsome Brook Farm’s network of egg farmers. This additional review of Handsome Brook’s operations will help ensure that it remains an honest producer and marketer of pasture-raised eggs.
You can read the complaint here.

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