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Animal Welfare

We dedicate ourselves to serving the greater good by holding corporations accountable for making false claims to consumers about the treatment of the animals in their care. As companies increasingly mislead consumers about the conditions their animals are subjected to in concentrated animal feeding operations ("CAFOs") and other production settings, our Fellows work to expose the harmful realities of commercial animal agriculture and other production spaces to ensure that companies live up to their marketing representations.

Fishing Net


RLP is dedicated to improving the lives of aquatic animals raised in aquaculture facilities, increasing transparency in aquaculture supply chains, ensuring third-party aquaculture certifications comport with consumer expectations, and protecting consumers from false and deceptive advertising.

Fresh Eggs

Dairy and Eggs

RLP strives to increase animal welfare standards in dairy and egg CAFO facilities and protect consumers from misleading claims made by companies regarding their supply chains, welfare practices, and other essential representations that impact consumer expectations, like the distinctions between cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised.

Image by Caleb Woods

Meat and Poultry

RLP is committed to protecting and improving the lives of animals raised for meat production in CAFOs, ensuring product representations are accurate, and preventing deceptive advertisements from disguising the true nature of the facilities and supply chains from consumers.

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