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Justice Scale

Pro Bono Services 

Exceptional Representation

AT RICHMAN LAW & POLICY, we care deeply about the work of our nonprofit and activist partners. We are pleased to donate at least 5% of our yearly hours to pro bono work for these organizations.


Some of the work we do includes providing legal advice, consulting, and educational support for nonprofits and advocates working in food policy, environmental advocacy, animal welfare, and social justice. In 2018 we were able to donate nearly 10% of our time.


Some examples of our past pro bono work include planning events with nonprofits dedicated to public education on issues affecting consumers and low-income individuals, advising nonprofits on operational and media-related legal issues, and helping nonprofits structure partnerships among themselves.


Take a look at this page for some examples of RLP projects with nonprofits and activists and see how we support the vital, intersectional work that they do. If you are a nonprofit, conduct work in the same areas, are part of an underserved population, or do activist work, we are here to support you. Call, email, or message us to connect.

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