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Social Justice

We are devoted to doing our part in the continuous battle to ensure that all people receive equal and fair justice. We fiercely advocate for social justice by examining supply chains, business practices, and representations made by corporations to determine the validity of such claims, and if we discover that they do in fact violate human rights, we are prepared to compel them to answer for their misrepresentations and to correct the injustices involved.

Image by Jack Skinner

Civil Rights

RLP is passionate about safeguarding civil rights, achieving justice for those whose rights have been denied, and to empower people through educating them about their rights and civil liberties.

Salt Factory Worker

Labor Justice

RLP is dedicated to advocating for fair and equitable working conditions for workers throughout the supply chain and holding companies accountable for their misleading advertisements, touting worker safety and responsibility, when in fact they consistently violate workers' rights.

Farmer with Cow

Rural Justice

RLP is currently working to gain a deeper understanding of the plight of rural communities affected by corporate production activities, and we are impassioned by these communities’ strength and perseverance in advocating for their justice and corporate accountability.

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