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Environmental Justice

RLP is committed to holding corporations accountable when their practices harm the environment, despite their use of sustainable marketing claims to skew consumer perception. We conduct thorough investigations and scrutinize the accuracy of these claims to determine if they are in fact false or deceptive to consumers. By ensuring that corporations' practices are consistent with their promises and comport with consumer expectations, we can create a space where environmentally conscious consumers can truly rely on and support environmentally conscious companies.

Test Tubes

Forever Chemicals

RLP is intently involved in the rapidly growing conversation surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances ("PFAS") and other types of forever chemicals to investigate what chemicals are used in which products, prevent dishonest representations about those products, and protect consumers from being misled by them.

Recycled Clothes


RLP is dedicated to protecting consumers from misleading marketing claims touting environmental conscientiousness, holding corporations accountable for making such deceitful claims, and ensuring that the misleading representations are adjusted or removed entirely.

Polar Bears

Climate Justice

RLP is determined to help combat climate injustices caused by corporations, protect the vulnerable populations subjected to the climatic ramifications of their activities, and to hold corporations accountable when they make false claims that their activities are environmentally friendly for the purpose of deceiving consumers.

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