Beyond Pesticides v. Exxon Mobil Corp., No. 2020 CA 002532 B (D.C. Super. Ct.)

  • Nonprofit Beyond Pesticides filed suit against Exxon Mobil for falsely representing that its use of “clean” energy and environmentally beneficial technology is growing at significant levels compared to its oil and gas businesses.
  • Fossil fuels are among the leading causes of climate change and pollution. Exxon Mobil’s advertisements create the mistaken impression that its efforts to mitigate climate change through the use of “clean” energy is both a significant part of its overall business and adequately addresses the effects its core business has on climate change.
You can read the complaint here.

Beyond Pesticides v. TruGreen LP, No. 1:20-cv-01083 (D.D.C.)

  • Nonprofit Beyond Pesticides filed suit against TruGreen for the deceptive marketing of lawn-care services advertised as avoiding skin sensitizers, known and probable carcinogens, and chemicals known to leak into groundwater that TruGreen does in fact use.
  • Consumers were led to believe that TruGreen products were less toxic and harmful to the environment than the chemicals used by competing lawncare companies.
You can read the complaint here.