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Richman Law & Policy Statement re: Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Insurrection

Richman Law & Policy strongly denounces any attempts to disrupt our democracy or the democratic process. On Wednesday of this week, hundreds of extremists and loyalists invaded the Capitol with the intent to disrupt free and fair elections. This insurrection was met with little force from Metro PD or the National Guard.

Our own staff has been on the ground covering the George Floyd and BLM protests in New York City and witnessed first-hand the use of unnecessary and brutal police force against protesters. The discrepancy between the police response at BLM protests and the pro-Trump riot aligns with broader patterns of white supremacy and racism, long-standing phenomena in the United States.

Despite the promise of a new presidential administration, pervasive racist structures and police brutality will remain central concerns for this country in the coming months and years. Fighting systemic racism has no silver bullet and will require law and policy professionals to work with the American people to preserve their civil liberties.

For this reason, Richman Law & Policy reaffirms its commitment to preserving civil rights. We are dedicated to working with the National Lawyers Guild to represent BLM protesters and recently received a favorable decision in our case concerning New York City's failure to train the NYPD on respecting the First Amendment rights of journalists and photographers covering protests and police activity. We will remain diligent advocates for civil rights throughout 2021 and beyond.

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