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2020 Food Systems Summit

Richman Law & Policy hosted the 2020 Food Systems Summit on the heels of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This Summit took place over the course of 6 weeks and was hosted online. Content can be accessed here.

As food production becomes increasingly industrialized, efficiency and profit come at the expense of the environment, animal welfare, and human health. Modern production practices from grain farms to the meat and dairy industry pollute waterways, force animals into brutal factory conditions, and release harmful contaminants into the food supply. With federal regulations failing to keep up, new approaches are needed to keep our food systems safe, sustainable, and humane.

The objective of the Summit was to harness decades of the most effective legal actions and policy thinking in defense of our food systems and further develop new and innovative strategies for decades to come to propel our NGO partners' collective work on the front lines of grassroots advocacy and litigation alike. The Summit featured a mix of presentations by academia, leaders of nonprofit organizations, and progressive trade associations and businesses.

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You can listen to Kim Richman speak on Food Chain radio about fighting food fraud here:

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