Who We Work With


RLP has represented everyday moms & dads to nonprofits to Progressive Businesses, who have all served as Plaintiffs in class actions, consumer watchdog cases, and beyond. For example:

  • Everywhere from New York to California everyday Consumers have acted as the voice of millions in consumer protection class action cases to address Truth-in-Advertising issues pertaining to everything from trans-fat, GMOs, and Roundup® , to organic integrity, animal welfare, and sustainability.
  • In Washington, DC, and elsewhere dozens of various nonprofits dedicated to everything from our Public Health and Environment to animal rights and labor rights, have each brought action in their own right on behalf of the Public Interest.
  • Progressive Businesses Nationwide have taken action to level the playing field in the face of fraud on the market by competitors unfairly stealing market share through false and deceptive advertising. Trade Associations may also sue on behalf of their members against their competitors making deceptive or other false claims.


RLP has collaborated with private firms and public interest organizations alike. For instance, RLP partners with nonprofits to co-counsel on litigation across the country on various types of cases. For example:


RLP will often turn to nonprofit groups, independent laboratories, and individuals who serve as consulting experts for investigations and cases within an area of expertise. Such topic areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, GMOs, toxins in our food systems, animal welfare practices, consumer surveys.


RLP has also petitioned for NGOs to receive cy pres awards, which are a mechanism used in certain class action settlements to achieve a public benefit. Cy pres awards can be approved by a court where there is a sufficient nexus with the litigation at issue, such as educating consumers about toxic chemicals or harmful food ingredients. For example:


RLP attorneys have spoken at many conferences and forums to educate the public on our work and that of our nonprofit partners and clients. Here are some of the recent venues where RLP representatives have spoken:

Please let us know if you’d like to have an RLP attorney or fellow speak at an event, and follow us on social media to stay up to date on our next engagements. For inquiries on partnering with us contact: info@richmanlawgroup.com